what is black fungus

Black Fungus: Symptoms, Cure, Causes, and Treatment

The black fungus is caused by mucor, which is commonly known as mucormycosis. Different states have found mucormycosis, especially among patients who are suffering from diabetes. Black fungus is now the primary fungal infection that…

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Covid vaccine side effects after getting vaccination

What are the Covid Vaccine Side Effects after Getting Vaccination?

Covid-19 vaccines will build your immunity and protect your body against the virus. After getting a vaccination, individuals may feel some mild side effects of the coronavirus vaccine, which means that your body is building…

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covid-19 indian variant

The Philippines Detects the New COVID-19 Indian Variant.

The Philippines has identified its first two cases of covid-19 Indian variant, which was first recognized in India. Even as confirmed, the Health Ministry said that daily COVID-19 viruses dropped to a nearly eight-week low. The…

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Coronavirus Vaccine: What You Require to understand So Far

How do coronavirus vaccines fight? Covid vaccines assist people to develop immunization to a virus or other infection. A vaccine proposes a less costly part of that germ — or something built to look or…

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Quarantine Anxiety : Potential Reasons, Types, and Solutions!

The COVID-19 outbreak has become one of the greatest threats ever recorded in medical history and the hair-raising fact is that, at present, no vaccine has been invented to cure this contagious disease. To fight…

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The Right Way To Put On And Put Off A Face Mask

The face mask is one such essential tool that is used for preventing the spread of harmful diseases. They may likewise be called dental, isolation, laser, clinical, strategy, or surgical masks. Face masks are loose-fitting…

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Diabetes And COVID-19: How To Handle The Situation

It is a well-known fact that older adults, children, and patients who are suffering from the weakened immune system as well as comorbid conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are at a high…

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