best supplements and vitamins for kids

Best Supplements and Vitamins for Kids to Prevent Covid-19

The recent COVID-19 pandemic leads to various symptoms, including fever, dry cough, cold, or extreme symptoms requiring urgent medical advice such as breathing difficulty and confusion. While providing the best care to kids in this…

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How Can Breathing Exercises Improve the Covid-19 Infection?

People who become very ill from COVID-19 may undergo pneumonia as a result. This produces the lungs to load with fluid and phlegm, getting it even harder to breathe and receive the oxygen your body…

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97 New Delta Variant Cases are Detected in The Philippines

On July 29, The Department of Health announced the detection of 97 more cases of the highly transmissible coronavirus new delta variant in the Philippines. As per the DOH, 88 are local cases of the…

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coronavirus symptoms vs flu symptoms

Coronavirus vs. Flu: How to Know the Common Symptoms

You might hear that people are confused between coronavirus symptoms vs flu symptoms during illness. The short answer is: It can be tricky to identify. But the only way to identify the flu or Covid-19…

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alcohol and covid 19 vaccine

How Alcohol May Affect During Covid-19 Vaccine

There is no evidence having an alcoholic drink serves the covid vaccines less efficiently. Some reports say that minor or moderate amounts of drink may benefit the immune system by decreasing inflammation over a longer…

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Covid-19 Vaccination Process

All You Need to Know About the Vaccination Process

The whole nation that is precisely believing in living a normal life has its eyes stuck on only one thing, for now, i.e., COVID-19 Vaccines. The list of vaccine brands available in the Philippines today…

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What is herd immunity

What is Herd Immunity, and How can Herd Immunity End Coronavirus Infection?

Herd immunity for covid is the secondary protection of a contagious disease that occurs while society is protected by vaccination or immunity received by a past infection; World Health Organization (WHO) recommends performing herd immunity…

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what is black fungus

Black Fungus: Symptoms, Cure, Causes, and Treatment

The black fungus is caused by mucor, which is commonly known as mucormycosis. Different states have found mucormycosis, especially among patients who are suffering from diabetes. Black fungus is now the primary fungal infection that…

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chair dips physical activity during pandemic

Importance of Exercise and Mental Health during Covid-19 Pandemic

Exercises help improve mental and physical health during pandemics. It serves to maintain psychic health, the body, and health during this covid pandemic. People who have consistency can effectively beat the pandemic with good health….

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