Diabetes And COVID-19: How To Handle The Situation

It is a well-known fact that older adults, children, and patients who are suffering from the weakened immune system as well as comorbid conditions such as heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are at a high risk of getting infected from Coronavirus disease. This is the major reason why these people need to be more cautious about averting the risk of this fatal virus. As per the doctors, diabetics are at a higher risk as well as the recent majority of patients battling against COVID-19 either suffer from Type-2 or Type-1 diabetes mellitus.

While diabetics, as well as other chronically ill people or their family members, might feel particularly overwhelmed currently, no need to freak out as you are not alone, and taking appropriate action may help.

  • In case you use insulin, you will require the supply for at least a week ahead, as well as you will be required to know about how to adjust the insulin doses for maintaining levels of healthy blood sugar.
  • In case you have quarantined yourself in the wake of Coronavirus disease or are planning to do so, it is the smart decision to get the refills organized with a local pharmacy as well as to stay in daily communication with the healthcare provider.
  • Make sure to stock up proper foods which include whole-grain cereals along with complex carbs such as multi-grain crackers, wheat bread, vegetables, fruits, and oats.
  • Keep the supply of honey, glucose pellets, hard candies, or fruit juice if you need to manage low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.
  • This may include additional bottled water (this is important if you have increased levels of blood sugar), ketone strips, rubbing alcohol, foods such as Jell-O, and glucagon for when you are extremely ill to eat however need some sugar.
  • Often, it is a nice idea to have a family member, trusted neighbor, or friend on the proverbial speed-dial so that groceries can be bought or your doctor can be reached out to in case you feel unwell.

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Also, keep excess stocks of glucose along with Ketone monitoring strips. Plan for the tele or virtual consultation with the health care providers and avoid your every doubt and query about the Coronavirus disease.

Ask the health care professional about how to adjust diabetes medications or insulin dose in case you fall sick, flu, and cold remedies as well as how to handle the same at house, and how often as well as when to monitor Ketones and blood sugar etc.

In today’s recent lockdown scenario, while all of us are taking important precautions such as staying indoors and social distancing for preventing COVID-19 spread, handling Diabetes might seem quite tough.

However, always remember that exercise, diet, monitoring, and medicine are the 4 pillars for efficient management of this disease. Do not forget that daily physical activity is of huge advantage to general people as well as even more for those who are Diabetic.

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